Tales of SPH: Small Penis Humiliation Erotica

Tales of SPH presents a myriad of short stories focused on one of my favorite types of humiliation erotica: small penis humiliation. In this four-volume anthology of humiliation erotica, you will find stories centered around the male penis and how size matters. Each scathingly brutal tale will make you feel every tiny inch of torture!

Wait! What is small penis humiliation, you ask? Well, small penis humiliation, aptly nicknamed SPH, is exactly what it sounds like… Humiliation of men with smaller than average penises.

OMG, Morgana are there really people interested in this kind of fetish? Are there really men who are interested in reading stories that degrade their most prized possession? How could that be!

All I can say, after many years of experience, is YES!! Certain men and women enjoy this subtle art, this freakish fetish of humiliation. It’s not for everyone. As a matter of fact, some men are completely horrified by it, even if they possess a smaller than average penis (or worse… completely tiny!).

Some writers go for the throat, creating stories that really hit home. Some writers tend to delve into the more cerebral, psychological side of small penis humiliation. Me, I walk the line and try to achieve both. As a result, Tales of SPH will touch you on an emotional and sensual level. I will bring you there and back again while respecting the fine art of turning you on. In my opinion, the most important agenda of writing these stories lies in how much I turn you on.

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Tales of Small Penis Humiliation

Risky Ventures
Personal Agenda
Humble Pie
Loser Lessons