James Pendergrass, the author of  a great array of femdom humiliation stories, he will truly make you understand the mind of a submissive male who craves humiliation and domination. His specialties are humiliation and CBT.

I recently had the pleasure of working with James on a special humiliation audio aptly named “Intense humiliation Series Vol 1 : Ballbusting”. As a result, I can vouch for his authenticity and passion!

“The Intern”, his first published book, is by far the best way to delve into his superb imagination.

Femdom eroticaHerb Highmen, author of Chastity Rising. Chastity Rising is an AWESOME ebook! If you like highly adventurous femdom fiction, you will love this book, too.

My review of Herb Highmen’s masterpiece is forthcoming. Nevertheless, I could not resist plugging his book.

Chastity stops at nothing to protect her city from the evil forces suddenly infiltrated her beloved city.  She brings them down in most humiliating ways proving once and for all that justice always prevails.




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