She Likes Them Big

She Likes Them Big, an erotic romance by Master of Erotica, Morgana Foxx.

What is a girl to do when she find herself plagued by men with small penises? Nothing. At least that is what Samantha Kostas believes she should do in my book She Likes Them Big. Samantha who’s all but given up on finding a man that can satisfy her intellectually and sexually, finally gets her reward. Robert Thornton.

Samantha has always been able to get what she wants except when it comes to men. She believes her romantic life is a failure. Everything changes when she meets Robert. Enigmatic, charming, and sexy, he has everything Samantha could ask for in a man– everything! But, each time Samantha thinks she’s found happiness it is only a matter of time for the other shoe to drop. Robert’s jealous ex wife is still in the picture, and she has a vendetta against Samantha. Will Samantha and Robert’s love conquer all, or will the scorned woman reign victorious?

Watch Samantha and Robert’s relationship unfold and unravel in this exciting and sex saturated erotic romance.

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