Tales of SPH: Humble Pie

Five unique, scathingly torrid tales of small penis humiliation. Humble Pie is a tasty dish of humiliation, best served hot and steamy. Featuring such classics as…

Greg’s Mistake: Greg’s sex life is the best it has ever been since he started dating Jen, but all it takes is one small humiliating mistake to show Greg what his life has turned into: a cuckold sex life. The kind of life he really deserves.

Dr. Smalls: A pompous professor uses his tenure to have his way with his students until one of them makes him live up to his name and strikes a deal he just cannot refuse.

Thermosphere: When you are a co-pilot in training and your Captain gives you an order, you do as you are told and worship the clouds she walks on.

Sloppy 69s: Being last in line means you have to take what’s left, no matter how sloppy it is.

Natalie’s Little Friend: Hector’s best friend gives him an evaluation on his size. Then she decides to test his strength with humiliating results!