Tales of SPH: Loser Lessons

Seven tantalizing tales of tiny penis torture. The small penis humiliation stories in this collection revolve around the fine art of learning your lesson as well as your place in a dominant woman’s world. Loser Lessons features stories erotic humiliation, emasculation, feminization, and female superiority. Meet brilliant women who are studious divas, master manipulators, and skillful educators of love and humiliation.

The Size Queen and The King of Denial: A rude awakening after a night of small penis sex!

Panty Sniffer: A panty sniffer gets caught sniffing his wife’s best friend’s panties. When she catches him there is hell to pay in the form of small penis humiliation.

Tutoring Stephanie: A bet gone horribly wrong exposes this little dick man’s tiny little secret to his friends and makes his girlfriend look like an endorser for small penis. Is the reward worth the effort?

Written Essay Becomes Oral Assignment: Greg is only known for two things. His small penis and his good grades. Meg decides to do the most humane thing possible when she gives his little cock a sloppy wet blow job in exchange for a term paper.

Smelly Feet: Stinky, smelly, sexy teen feet get the best of this small penis sexual reject.

Forced to Be a Girl: A diabolical sister forces her brother to put on a pair of her panties and then forces him to suck his best friend’s much larger penis.

Hector’s Makeover: Natalie gives Hector a complete makeover and then trains him on how to be a good little cocksucker with her shiny new strap on.